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Baby Cloth Diaper Hygiene Tips

Baby cloth diaper is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to disposable diaper, but many of us  as parents are concerned how to keep cloth diaper clean and hygienic.

Below are some hygiene tips to keep your baby cloth diaper clean and hygienic. 

1) Use a water sprayer attached to toilet to remove as much soil as possible from the dirty diaper

2) Wash load of dirty diapers on a daily basis to prevent stubborn stain and smell resulted from the growth of bacteria on the soiled diapers 

3) Use a mild detergent for the washing of the cloth diaper.  Pre-wash using a cold cycle, followed by hot water cycle of at least 60 degree celsius to effectively  remove stain,  bacteria and smell. Have extra rinse cycles to remove residual detergent & chemical.

4) After washing the diapers, tumble dry and hang them on a line outdoor under hot sun. This is the best way to dry and freshen the diaper. Even when there is no hot sun, spreading the cloth diapers on a line to let them air dry is still necessary to prevent bacteria growth and odour development.

5) If stubborn stain and smell is observed, it is recommended to use diluted bleach or vinegar to soak the diapers for at least 15 minutes before machine wash. Ensure to use more rinse cycles to remove any residual chemical.

6) Some babies are more sensitive to certain detergent & bleach chemical. If your baby has more sensitive skin, then avoid using these chemicals. Organic detergent made from plant extracts could be an alternative, but it is always good to consult doctor or expert if your baby has more sensitive skin.

In summary,  washing cloth diaper is actually quite simple. The key is a good cleaning, sufficient rinsing, and total dry out!

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