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  • 10 Pet Hygiene Tips To Follow

    Having a pet at home brings lots of joy to the family. Nevertheless, pet could also make a mess to your home with their fur shedding, food crumbles and excretions. It is a challenge to keep your home clean when you have a pet. However, being diligent about pet-related hygiene chores is critical for keeping our fur baby and ourselves healthy.

  • How to Hand Wash Your Backpack-Style Diaper Bag

    Diaper bag is an essential item for Moms on the travel to ensure all baby’s needs such as milk powder, hot water, diapers, baby wipes are available during an outing with family, when visiting relatives & friends or when doing shopping with the little ones.

    Nowadays, backpack-style diaper bags are very popular due to their innovative designs with many user-friendly storage compartments. In addition, most of these backpack-style diaper bags are made of waterproof materials and come with protective lining that are easy to clean.

    There will come a time when you need to wash the bag, especially when it has been used for a longer period or when it has been badly stained by spilled milk or juice.  Such washing is important to keep the bag clean and hygienic and prevent bacteria & germs from contaminating your baby essentials. Below are some important steps on how to properly wash your diaper bag.
  • Keeping Baby Clothes Clean & Hygienic

    One of the most overlooked germ nests that your children are exposed to are their clothes. For young children, just washing clothes in the washing machine does not necessary remove all organic residues and bacteria which can cause infection. Below are some hygiene tips to keep in mind when washing your baby clothes.

  • 🎊Happy New Year 2021🎊

    It has been an unusual Y2020, with so much restrictions and measures taken by every country to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Good Hygiene Practices During Covid-19 Situation

    Coronavirus Disease 2019 has caused a great disruption to the World's economy and affected the way of working for every one of us. While we are approaching towards end of Y2020, there is still no indication when this Coronavirus situation will die down. Many countries are still seeing an increasing number of positive cases and some countries are seeing a second wave of resurgence upon reopening the economy.

    Good hygiene practices have become the best prevention to protect your love ones from the virus infection and ensure everyone stays healthy & happy. 

  • Baby Nasal Hygiene Tips

    Most babies get a little bit cranky when they can’t breathe properly. They have tiny nasal passages which can get blocked fairly easily. When babies have stuffy nose, they may refuse feeding and have difficulty sleeping. This can be very worrisome, particularly for a new mom.

    Mucus builds up in the nose sometimes for all sorts of reasons such as cold, allergy, change of weather etc. Older children and adults can just simply blow it out into a tissue paper. However, babies can’t blow, and they need some assistance to help clear their nasal passages. Below are methods for clearing the babies’ nasal passage, which will enable them to breath well, reduce chances of infection and allow a restful sleep.

  • Baby Cloth Diaper Hygiene Tips

    Baby cloth diaper is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to disposable diaper, but many of us  as parents are concerned how to keep cloth diaper clean and hygienic.

    Below are some hygiene tips to keep your baby cloth diaper clean and hygienic.

  • Why Hand Hygiene Is So Important?

    We all grew up listening to our parents or teachers requesting us to wash our hands before taking our meal. This is a good habit that we all know, but we often ignore this good practice or are too lazy to make this a habit ourselves, thinking that this is not a big deal and having the illusion that disease will not strike us since we are healthy.  Now, hopefully the below information will help to increase your awareness why hand hygiene is so important.
  • Good hygiene practices to prevent baby skin infection

    Baby skin conditions can be caused by a variety of factors such as heat, cold, allergies to chemicals on clothes or diaper. The more severe baby skin conditions are those caused by fungal (yeast) infection. 

    Baby skin rash caused by fungal ( yeast) infection is one of the worst parent's nightmares. What are some good hygiene practices you can follow to prevent fungal (yeast) infection?

  • Good practices for infant milk preparation

    Trying to prepare milk to feed your hungry baby, but do you know you could be introducing germs to your baby if you did not follow some good hygiene practices?
  • Keep These Germs Away with Good Hygiene

    We all know there are germs in our environment that can make you or your baby ill. What exactly are germs?
  • Hygiene Tips For Happy Babies

    Babies are exposed to germs and bacteria in surrounding living environment. Items such as feeding bottle, baby toys, pacifier are common vehicles that could spread these bacteria to the babies, causing illnesses such as diarrhoea and vomiting. What can you do to protect your baby from these germs?