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Keeping Baby Clothes Clean & Hygienic

Your baby has an immune system that is still evolving, thus they are more susceptible to infections and diseases from surrounding environment. It is important for parents to know and adopt good hygiene practices to keep your child safe and healthy.

One of the most overlooked germ nests that your children are exposed to are their clothes. For young children, just washing clothes in the washing machine does not necessary remove all organic residues and bacteria which can cause infection.

Below are some hygiene tips to keep in mind when washing your baby clothes:

  • All new clothes must be washed first before using them for the first time. This is because these clothes can be exposed to many harmful bacteria during manufacturing process, during storage and distribution before they arrive at your home.

  • Make sure you wash the baby clothes everyday after use. Avoid keeping dirty clothes for days as this will result in growth of bacteria and bad odor.

  • Check the brand label for washing instructions. This will help you understand the material, the proper way of washing it and whether it can react to a specific wash cycle.

  • Avoid using strong detergent as this may cause skin irritation to the sensitive skin of young children. It is recommended to use natural organic detergent specially designed for baby and children.

  • Pre-soak the clothes in hot water if the material allows it, this will helps to kill germs and bacteria that are present in the cloth material.

  • Wash baby clothes separately from other adult clothes. This will prevent any unnecessary cross contamination from other adult clothes to the baby clothes.

  • Allow sufficient rinsing in warm water after the wash cycle to remove any detergent's chemical residues. 

  • Hang and dry the clothes in direct sunlight. Sunlight helps to disinfect and remove odor from the clothes.  If there is no sunlight, dry the clothes in a clean room that has heat.

It is always a pleasure to see your children wearing clean & hygienic clothes. I am sure you feel proud as parents for always providing your children with clean & comfortable clothes to wear.

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