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Good hygiene practices to prevent baby skin infection

Baby skin conditions can be caused by a variety of factors such as heat, cold, allergies to chemicals on clothes or diaper. The more severe baby skin conditions are those caused by fungal (yeast) infection. 

Baby skin rash caused by fungal ( yeast) infection is one of the worst parent's nightmares. What are some good hygiene practices you can follow to prevent fungal (yeast) infection?

1) Clean & dry diaper

Unclean and wet diaper can be a source of fungal (yeast) infection to baby skin. Make sure you change diaper regularly to keep the baby skin dry and comfortable.  If cloth diaper is used, take care to clean them properly with mild detergent and hot water to kill off any bacteria or fungus (yeast). Dry these diapers properly preferably under hot sun to prevent growth of bacteria & fungi. 

2) Wash your hands

Our hands carry lots of microorganisms and can easily pass these microorganisms onto baby skin when we touch the baby or during changing of diaper. Always wash your hands  thoroughly before and after changing diaper.

3) Keep all baby accessories clean & dry.

Diaper mat or towel that has come in contact with dirty diaper should be washed with mild detergent and hot water, and dried properly to prevent growth of microorganisms. 

4) Keep baby clean & dry

Clean the bottom of baby with water and a soft cloth to remove irritants from the skin every diaper change. Allow the baby to dry well before putting on a new diaper.

Remember that bacteria and fungi need food and water to grow as well. By keeping all items clean and dry will remove the conditions that allow bacteria & fungus to grow, and reduce the risk of baby skin infection.

Stay clean & healthy!

Leo Peh.

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