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Hygiene Tips For Happy Babies

Babies are exposed to germs and bacteria in surrounding living environment. Items such as feeding bottle, baby toys, pacifier are common vehicles that could spread these bacteria to the babies, causing illnesses such as diarrhoea and vomiting. What can you do to protect your baby from these germs?

The immune system of new born baby is not yet fully developed,  thus they are more vulnerable to infection compared to healthy adult.

Below are some good Hygiene tips that you can adopt to ensure your baby stay healthy and happy. 

1. Wash your hands regularly, especially before you prepare milk or food for your baby 

2. Clean feeding bottles and sterilize the bottles using a steam sterilizer.

3. Wash and clean plastic baby toys regularly using soap and rinse the toys with hot water above 70 degree celsius.

4. Clean and disinfect floor of living room and bedrooms daily. As babies like to crawl on the floor or pick things up from the floor to put into their mouth, regular floor cleaning and disinfection will minimize risk of bacterial infection.

5. Wash or wipe the hands of baby regularly,  especially before and after meal. Babies like to put their hands into the mouth, thus regular cleaning of their hands will prevent the injestion of germs and harmful bacteria.

Happy Parenting with these Hygiene tips !


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