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How to Hand Wash Your Backpack-Style Diaper Bag

Diaper bag is an essential item for Moms on the travel to ensure all baby’s needs such as milk powder, hot water, diapers, baby wipes are available during an outing with family, when visiting relatives & friends or when doing shopping with the little ones.

Nowadays, backpack-style diaper bags are very popular due to their innovative designs with many user-friendly storage compartments. In addition, most of these backpack-style diaper bags are made of waterproof materials and come with protective lining that are easy to clean.

These bags are easy to maintain and wiping with a clean damp cloth is sufficient to remove any stain. However, there will come a time when you need to wash the bag, especially when it has been used for a longer period or when it has been badly stained by spilled milk or juice.  Such washing is important to keep the bag clean and hygienic and prevent bacteria & germs from contaminating your baby essentials. Most importantly, this helps to ensure your baby is healthy & happy. Below are some important steps on how to properly wash your diaper bag.

  1. Remove everything in the bag and discard any trash or dirty items.
  2. Flip the bag upside down and inside out (if possible) over the garbage bin and shake a few times to remove any crumbs or debris.
  3. Use a large bucket that can hold the entire diaper bag.
  4. Fill the bucket with water and mix with a mild detergent soap.
  5. Place the diaper bag in the bucket with water-detergent mixture.
  6. Soak the bag for at least 2-3 hours to help dirt loosen up and break up stains.
  7. Brush the interior and exterior of the diaper bag using a soft brush to remove any dirt and stain.
  8. Rinse the bag with clean water and hang it for air drying.
  9. Ensure bag is properly dried before using again.
After washing, your bag should look as good as new. Remember to always keep your diaper bag clean & hygienic to protect the little ones.

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Happy Parenting!

Leo Peh

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